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Here at Centora we remember the frustrations and challenges involved in starting a business…but we have never forgotten the excitement and thrill of it all, the prospect of ‘going it alone’, being your own boss and becoming a driver, not a passenger.


You will of course have a number of key decisions to make and not least of these will be choosing an accountant that will help you to build your company.


You need a partner that will work with you to guard against potentially expensive oversights and guide you through the complex world of self-assessment, employment issues and legislation as well as helping you to identify and access allowances, funding and professional advice.


We have helped to grow hundreds of businesses just like yours and we do this by offering advice that is specific to you, no two businesses are the same and whilst there are elements common to all sectors we never lose sight of the fact that it is your business, your dream.


As your business grows you will appreciate the benefits of building strong, trusting relationships with clients, customers, suppliers and service providers, Centora build these relationships every day and we would be delighted to help you to do the same.


Whatever stage of development you are at please call us on 01276 300103 for an informal chat about your business, or email us via our website and we will call you straight back.