HMRC are committed to a policy of ‘Making Tax Digital’ in an effort to simplify the processes involved in all areas of taxes and of course we applaud and embrace their plans.

Here at Centora we have been at the forefront of the new schemes and we help our clients in every way possible to make sure that all returns are posted in a timely and accurate manner.

We will help you pull all your annual earnings together and help with the calculation of the tax due. This covers not just your salary, but also other types of income and capital gains, such as dividends, bank interest, property, international etc… and we’ll make sure that any allowances are considered in the calculation such as pension investment, tax credit or student loan.

The ‘Making Tax Digital’ programme from HMRC looks set for complete introduction by 2020 and her at Centora we are at the forefront of compliance with these new systems. Not only will we advise on the best processes we will install software and give full training to your in-house finance team if required.