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‘’Since we started work together in 2005 they continue to have a genuine interest in our business and people, and provide clear advice and a service which we are delighted to endorse and recommend.”

VM, Surrey

As you would expect of any first class practice, here at Centora our team is comprised of well qualified, dedicated and talented individuals each playing a part in a well-established team.

We do not really do wacky, what we do is solid, dependable, hard-working and diligent but that is not to say that we lack personality, we are friendly, approachable and often told that we are easy to work with. Ours is not a profession which lends itself to frivolity but we always try to maintain an easy disposition and a welcoming smile.

Typical of this approach is Managing Director, Arnaud Westphal. Arnaud leads by example, instilling confidence in clients and colleagues with his easy charm and vast experience.

Years spent with Ford Motor Company, Morgan Stanley and Oracle Corp. have of course left a solid understanding of corporate procedures and systems whilst time building Centora has allowed an insight into the challenges facing business owners.

This combination of corporate governance and practical, hands-on management experience gives Arnaud a unique perspective that clients truly appreciate, a blend of sound, well established theory and practical, level-headed know how.

I have always been passionate about how businesses work, what makes them tick, how it relates to accounting and the fundamentals behind building a good sustainable enterprise.”

Arnaud Westphal
V M, IT Consulting

“I have known Arnaud for 8 years and during that time I have worked alongside him as a colleague and for him as a supplier. In all my dealings with Arnaud I have been incredibly impressed with how much he cares about his clients and doing the right thing by them. Arnaud is extremely hard working and loyal to both his client and his friends, he is probably the nicest man I have ever met.”

I B, Marketing Agency

“He’s my Xero hero”

D D, Payroll Company

“I needed advice and some documents, some of which referred to work done my previous accountants, the service was first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending Arnaud and his team. I am so grateful for all their help.”

S C, Travel Company

“I now working in a far more efficient system and my VAT returns are taking a fraction of the time they used to take…I have no hesitation in recommending Centora”

L S, Cleaning Company

“I left the Centora office feeling on top of the world!”

K P, Merchandising

“The team is made up of fantastic people who always go the extra mile to make customers happy.”

A W, Property Maintenance

“In some time from now I will look back and not only attribute the success of the business to Arnaud and his team but also the survival of the business…Thank you Arnaud and Maggie”

C T, Media Agency

“Arnaud’s knowledge, integrity and affability, together with his evident success in helping businesses succeed, make him easy to recommend and I have no hesitation in doing so.”

P B, Advertising Agency

“I can personally recommend Arnaud Westphal, the best accountant in Guildford and of course, a very nice chap”

C B, Financial Management Company

“I am delighted to recommend Arnaud for his knowledge of accounting systems, and in particular Xero…a huge help for my clients…I will always keep coming back to you for advice and guidance.”

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